Fort Missoula

Camera system

Newly renovated Fort Missoula required a modern camera system. Instead of running fiber to every single camera on a pole, a Ubiquiti Edgeswitch + wireless PtP/PtMP bridging setup was used. Each camera cluster has an AP pointed back to a central PtMP AP hub, then a single PtP backhaul to another building that has fiber trunking back to the NVR. Saving money and public safety both accomplished. More pictures to come as project nears completion.

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Private Location

Data center

This state of the art data center is at the heart of operations for a Montana business. With multiple rack rows for expansion and redundant fiber back hauls encircling the whole campus, reliability and performance is guaranteed.

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Valley Christian School

Digital voice & fax

Upgrading Valley’s voice and fax system drastically improved their communication reach. Now each classroom will have a phone, that can act as an intercom in case of emergency announcements. The system will also tie into an overhead paging for hallway announcements. Having a lower monthly bill and increased functionality is just a few of the benefits of these systems.

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Montana State University

Crestron ballroom automation

MSU’s ballroom and smaller auxiliary rooms are orchestrated with Crestron. This enables full control of video, lighting and sound to turn this into an immersive meeting and concert environment.

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more to come, stay tuned!